Season's Greetings December 2017

My relentless optimism for solving the climate change challenge continues to be rewarded.  The world is aligning with our vision that to stop climate change not only must we stop pumping CO2 into the air but we’ve got to start removing it.  

Media is getting on-board.  This new series at Quartz provides an engaging overview of global carbon capture.  The Economist recognizes the urgency.  The popular news blog Cleantechnica also understands the challenge (but their take on it is more alarmist). 

The analog world is also making progress.  The Center for Carbon Removal is a new foundation focused on carbon removal technology.  They have emphasized the incredible 2017 achievements of carbon removal companies I see as models for Aljadix:  Climeworks (Zurich) and Carbon Engineering (Squamish, BC). 

And our critical message is getting out there.  The Aljadix website saw over 10,000 hits from 100 countries in 2017.  We were featured again in Biofuels Digest in October.

Everyday I see reasons for optimism.

As you know, Aljadix is designed to answer the CO2 challenge in a novel and unique way.  Our design replaces liquid fossil fuel with a fully sustainable renewable fuel and simultaneously removes CO2 from the atmosphere.  Permanently.  Unlike other technologies, our large-scale microalgae cultivation and conversion process can be scaled stepwise without massive capital requirements.  We will be the sustainable subsitute for Big Oil.

Aljadix provides a global solution for biofuels…and for climate change. 

Here's our process:

Or, if you like,

Here’s to all of you who helped make 2017 a success for Aljadix

The $20m Carbon XPrize has been a fantastic opportunity to engage and discuss carbon capture initiatives.  We will find out in February 2018 if we are invited to the third, and final, round of the competition.

To my friends at the Foresight Accelerator (Kirk Hamilton, Denis Connor and John Bruce):  Thanks for an outstanding season of training and insight.  The team helped me develop the operational plans and milestones.  They brought a special focus to clarifying the near term commercial markets for our renewable diesel and hydrochar products.

Operationally, our three-year plan to Technical Proof of Concept is set to roll.  Southern Research Inc. (NC) has begun their independent verification of our commercial plan design and equipment.

Here’s a call-out to my team of enthusiastic 20-somethings who are considering operational roles at our startup site in Mexico.  I know you’ve got the energy and talent to make this happen.  Just let me get the financing in place and we are ready to rock.  It can happen fast.  Our Mexican corporate partner is helping me scout the best sites.

This year we undertook an entertaining effort to “answer” professor Vaclav Smil.  You may know Prof. Smil as Bill Gates’ favourite author.  Smil has identified a detailed list of the environmental and engineering problems with biofuels.  Our answer to the good professor highlights that unlike our predecessors in the biofuel industry, Aljadix is designed to overcome the fundamental thermodynamic and environmental objections to biofuels.  The starting point is found in our first patent application, now published here.

Seed Financing

Seed financing is of course our great challenge.  My deep impression is that Aljadix will soon secure the right commitment from the right strategic partner.  The partner will be an airline, ocean freighter or chemical company with a long-term need for large quantities of renewable liquid fuel.   With the right strategic investor in hand, I have complete confidence that Angel investors are ready to fill out the $5 million seed round.  The potential Angels I have spoken to, several dozen of whom are copied on this message, understand the business opportunity is huge, and the urgency is high.

Also copied on this message are my 6 corporate partners who have tentatively agreed to support this project once financing has been secured.  Each of them comes from a very different commercial angle, but they are linked in that they will all stand to benefit when Aljadix succeeds.  To the corporates:  I’m honored to have your talents and insight at hand. 


Granting agencies will be necessary to enable the business.  In Canada (SDTC/IRAP and BC’s ICE) have invited us to apply.  Company contributions (financial and in-kind) are leveraged two-to-one with these partners.


I’d like to thank my new Board member Vasco Benito Garcia, and my team of Bryce Conacher, Mike Allen, and Chris Chuck for their operational support throughout the year.  Likewise to my Advisory Board of Kerry Emanuel, Kirby Calvert, Adrian Drewett and Stefan Harpe who are always ready with good advice and perspective.  


Many thanks to my team!


And for everyone else, potential angels, corporates, employees, and friends, thanks for your interest and support during 2017.  Best wishes for 2018.


Thomas (Tom) Digby

CEO, Aljadix 

Vancouver, Canada