Novel Microalgae Cultivation Platform

Aljadix's carbon negative biofuel is generated from microalgae feedstock that is cultivated in Aljadix’s patented sea-surface container.  The container is designed to massively increase productivity of the algae feedstock.  The cultivation platform is environmentally safe and avoids the severe resource limitations of land-based biofuels (especially the negative effects on farmland and freshwater).  

Sea-surface algae cultivation

       Does not compete for land 

       Provides large solar surface area 

       Controls temperature with ambient ocean 

       Uses seawater based growth medium, fed-batch 

       Maximizes nutrient re-use and recycle 

       Exchanges no liquids or nutrients with the ambient ocean 

       Minimizes environmental impact in fully sealed floating container only 0.5M thick

       Achieves lowest cost microalgae production 

Protection and enhancement of the ocean is a fundamental principle of Aljadix's business plan.