Our Team

Thomas Digby, M.Sc., J.D.

Thomas Digby, M.Sc., J.D.

Position CEO and Founder

About Tom is a US and Canadian IP/transaction attorney who trained originally in plant and molecular biology. Tom spent a dozen years with VC-financed biotech startups before being called up to Novartis, the global pharmaceutical company. In 10 years at Novartis, Tom had diverse legal roles in the research division and the Novartis Venture Fund (both in Boston), followed by 3 years managing global IP issues at the head office in Basel, Switzerland. Tom’s interest in carbon negative biofuel began with his chance encounter in 2010 with a climate scientist and an oil-industry investor.

Chris Chuck, PhD

Chris Chuck, PhD

Position Head of Products and Co-Founder

About Chris is chemical engineer whose lab at the University of Bath (Bath, UK) is focused on generating biofuels from hydrothermal liquefaction of all types of biomass, including microalgae. Chris is a Reader at the University and recently held a Whorrod Research Fellowship. He is the lead researcher on a 4 year £4.4 million Innovate UK grant on biomass conversion technology. Chris and Mike have worked together on multiple projects in the past 5 years.

Mike Allen, PhD

Mike Allen, PhD

Position Head of Growth Biology and Co-Founder

About Mike, a marine Microbial Chemist, is a program leader at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (Plymouth, UK). Mike has a deep knowledge of phytoplankton species, nutrition and associated viruses which form the complex ecosystem of a rapidly growing microalgae colony. Mike is a founding member of the GW4 AVaRICE Consortium (http://avarice.org.uk/).

Bryce Conacher, MBA

Bryce Conacher, MBA

Position Head of Corporate Development

About Bryce leads our carbon market strategy. Bryce is a serial entrepreneur who has spent 20 years developing renewable energy carbon management programs. Bryce developed the cleanairpass, a voluntary carbon emissions offset program that was acquired by investors back in 2008. Most recently, Bryce was Director of Business Development for the performance optimization of existing buildings at one of Canada’s leading construction firms. Bryce is an invited member of the ISO Climate Finance Working Group (TC207/SC7/WG10) for the new Carbon Finance standard 14097.

Vasco Benito Garcia, MBA

Vasco Benito Garcia, MBA

Position Director of Bioreactor Development

About Vasco is our Director of Bioreactor Development. With a background in business and economics, Vasco has general management and startup experience in different sectors and a focus on strategy, market positioning and operations as well as the ability to manage complex projects. Vasco’s most recent start-up was a clinical research organization based in Lisbon. Now in Basel, Switzerland, Vasco has been working with Tom for three years in different operational aspects of the company with the main focus on the development of the Aljadix bioreactor.

Selected publications of Chris and Mike

Raikova et al.  2016. Assessing hydrothermal liquefaction for the production of bio-oil and enhanced metal recovery from microalgae cultivated on acid mine drainage. Fuel Processing Technology. 142: 219–227 

Coma et al. 2017.  Organic waste as a sustainable feedstock for platform chemicals. Faraday Discussions.

Board of Directors 

Aljadix is newly incorporated.  The Board of Directors is under development.

Advisory Board 

               Kerry Emanuel, PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      Professor of Atmospheric Science

              Adrian Drewett, PhD

Shell Oil, ret'd

     Off-shore Development & Production

               Kirby Calvert, PhD

University of Guelph

     Geography of Renewable Fuel

               Stefan Harpe

Social Venture Capital

      25 years SVC finance

Carbon negative biofuel is an innovative negative emissions technology.

With carbon negative biofuel, the farther you drive, the more carbon you remove from the atmosphere.