Selected publications of Chris and Mike

Raikova et al.  2016. Assessing hydrothermal liquefaction for the production of bio-oil and enhanced metal recovery from microalgae cultivated on acid mine drainage. Fuel Processing Technology. 142: 219–227 

Coma et al. 2017.  Organic waste as a sustainable feedstock for platform chemicals. Faraday Discussions.

Board of Directors 

Aljadix is newly incorporated.  The Board of Directors is under development.

Advisory Board 

               Kerry Emanuel, PhD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      Professor of Atmospheric Science

              Adrian Drewett, PhD

Shell Oil, ret'd

     Off-shore Development & Production

               Kirby Calvert, PhD

University of Guelph

     Geography of Renewable Fuel

               Stefan Harpe

Social Venture Capital

      25 years SVC finance

Carbon negative biofuel is an innovative negative emissions technology.

With carbon negative biofuel, the farther you drive, the more carbon you remove from the atmosphere.